New indiscretion directly from the set of El Turco, a highly anticipated Disney Plus series starring Can Yaman. It seems indeed that the charming Turkish actor will have to, despite himself, do without an important presence during filming. Who is the actress in question and why has she decided to drop out?

Details about Yaman's next professional endeavor are coming thick and fast, much to the delight of curious fans of the 32-year-old sex symbol. We know that El Turco, based on the book of the same name by Orhan Yeniaras, will be shot before the Sandokan remake and that filming will begin in September. Not surprisingly, Can recently flew to Budapest specifically for an event related to the Disney Plus series, which will be set in Hungary.

Thanks to web spies, we also have a few minor spoilers about the cast. Model and actress Greta Ferro is apparently in talks for the role of Gloria: a pivotal character, as the main character's love interest. For one actress coming, apparently, there is another going. Indeed, a Turkish colleague of Can Yaman's, despite having confirmed in a recent interview that she is on board, has dropped out of the project.

El Turco, Can Yaman will have to do without Hande Ercel, what happened?

The presence of actress Hande Ercel in the cast of El Turco seemed to be a certainty, as well as a coup. It is, in fact, the most famous Turkish performer in the world who, on Instagram, boasts an impressive 28.8 million followers. How come the star changed her mind? Upstream, there seems to be an issue of cachet. Disney, according to rumors, offered Ercel a far lower fee than her co-star Can Yaman. Around 1.5 million Turkish liras per episode to Yaman, and 85,000 Turkish liras for Ercel. Not exactly pocket change. The scandalous disparity reportedly provoked the actress's abrupt reaction, and she turned down the role.

The room for reconsideration, even in case of a juicy counteroffer from the production, seems to be zero. Hande, in fact, recently gave an interview to Vogue, in which she revealed that, in her future, there are no short-term TV projects and that a role that has won her over has not yet been offered. Here, then, pops up the providential name of Greta Ferro. In any case, the backstory has not yet been officially confirmed by any of those involved.

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