Can Yaman, Deianira's backstory: 'He started yelling at a lady taking pictures'

Can Yaman, Deianira's backstory: 'He started yelling at a lady taking pictures'

Can Yaman allegedly "lost his temper" towards a fan. This is the latest backstory revolving around the Turkish star who has made millions and millions of female viewers and fans in Italy fall in love with him.

Reporting the news on the actor's account was Gossip expert Deianira Marzano, who shared the report that came from a fan who allegedly witnessed the scene "live."

The backstory on Can Yaman: the actor allegedly 'lost his temper'

In detail, Can Yaman's success continues to be unstoppable in Italy.

Although the actor has "disappeared from the television radar" for some time, the public continues to follow him on social media and eagerly awaits the airing of the drama "Viola come il mare," which stars him alongside Francesca Chillemi.

This is definitely a very ambitious project since it is the first TV series in which the Turkish actor will act completely in Italian and will not be dubbed (as happened with DayDreamer - The Wings of the Dream and other tuche TV series).

Well, a fan caught Can Yaman on a beach in Rome while shooting some scenes of this drama that will later be broadcast on Canale 5 and it seems that the actor did not like the attitude of an admirer.

He ' shouted: don't take pictures,' the backstory on Can Yaman

"A lady took a picture from a distance and he started yelling: delete the video, don't take pictures!" is reported in the backstory shared on social media by Deianira Marzano.

In short, it would seem that the Turkish star did not like these "cheating photos" taken by his fan and would have gone into a frenzy.

Only a few weeks ago, the actor had vented on social media, pointing out that he was constantly under pressure from the attitude of his fans, who did not give him a way to be quiet even inside his own home.

In September, the long-awaited return of Can Yaman on Canale 5.

While waiting to find out whether or not the Turkish star will decide to respond to this backstory that was reported on social media by gossip expert Deianira, anticipation is growing for the airing of the first season of Viola come il mare.

The drama, destined for prime time on Canale 5, was initially scheduled for the Biscione's spring season but in the end, they chose to postpone it until next fall.

As a result, starting in mid-September, there will be space in prime time to air the six episodes that will make up the first season of this drama, which will officially mark Can Yaman's return to the small screen after a period of absence.

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