Can Yaman continues his seemingly smooth climb to success, Covid aside you mean. A rise that even the Turkish actor commented was particularly rapid and unexpected for him, as well as destined to rise higher and higher. After all, Yaman is just now appearing on the international scene with the Disney Plus series, El Turco, and with the Sandokan remake, albeit the latter still in development. But as success increases, the cachet received by an actor also tends to rise. So let's see how much it started from and how far it has gone, for the time being, Can Yaman's remuneration!

How much does Can Yaman get? The prices per episode of his series are mind-boggling!

Can Yaman's success has come faster than even the actor himself could have imagined. It was the Turkish star himself who confessed this in a recent interview, in which he told how he was hit by all his fame within two years. Although in fact we knew Can Yaman in Italy as early as 2019 for the Turkish soap Bitter Sweet - Ingredients of Love, it was the dizi DayDreamer - The Wings of Dreaming - aired the following year - that made the actor a true star, as well as a sex symbol.

But how has his cachet evolved since his first starring performances? It seems that Can Yaman, as far as Bitter Sweet was concerned, received a salary of about 2,000 euros per episode. Not a bad compensation when one considers the fact that in total the soap has as many as 26 episodes. The dizi that saw him alongside Ozge Gurel, however, was only the springboard for Yaman, who already the following year, for the soap DayDreamer - The Wings of Dream, received a starting salary per episode of about 6,000 euros, which increased later on to about 8,000 euros. Again, we are talking about considerable figures, especially when considering that this soap consists of 51 episodes. In addition, the final budget for DayDreamer was also the same for Mr. Wrong - Love Lessons: its last Turkish dizi, which unfortunately closed hastily with a total of only 14 episodes due to declining ratings.

In short, a rather mind-boggling remuneration that of Can Yaman, who most likely with his move to Italy will certainly have seen his cachet increase. Suffice it to think, in fact, of all the success and the way he has come since his arrival in Italy: the De Cecco commercial shot by Ozpetek alongside Claudia Gerini; the appearance in the TV drama Che Dio ci Aiuti; other notable commercials such as the one for Mercedes-Benz and Disney Plus; up to the latest completed and pending project, Viola Come il Mare. And all this is still without taking into account the projects of international caliber that the Turkish actor currently has in the pipeline: the remake of Sandokan, produced by Lux Vide; and the Disney Plus-branded series, El Turco, whose shooting is scheduled for September. Precisely with regard to the latter work, rumors from Turkey revealed that the actor will have a per-episode fee of about 1.5 mln Turkish liras, or about 82,380 euros!

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