A statement from Emre Yusufi about Burak Deniz!

A statement from Emre Yusufi about Burak Deniz!

It had come to the agenda that Burak Deniz, who was in Adana for the filming of the series "Şahmaran", went to the table where his colleague Nilperi Şahinkaya, his lover sculptor Emre Yusufi and cinematographer Deniz Akıncı were and made a scene and swore at Nilperi Şahinkaya. Emre Yusufi spoke for the first time about the incident.

Emre Yusufi said the following: "Burak, who said 'I'm very drunk right now and I probably won't remember that I came here later' when he came to our table, which we have never been in the same place at any time, came to our table four times a total of 10 minutes apart and abusively harassed my close friend, especially at first. On his 3rd visit, when Nilperi got up to go to her room without any dialog, he said 'Fuck...' and we were still on the defensive and verbally warning him. When he continued to swear, we got up and came nose to nose without any intervention.

Menderes Samancılar and Levent Özdilek grab Burak and take him away. In the meantime, he continues to provoke us by saying 'hit me one'. Ten minutes after he was taken away, he came back for the fourth and last time, swearing and throwing punches. And they separate us again.

We stayed calm at every moment of the incident. We only said 'Speak properly'. We never attacked, we always played defense and we were aware that he was drunk. The second time he came to our table, he mentioned that he was bored with the table he was sitting at and we smiled.

And then he started the incident himself with two abusive words like 'What are you laughing at' and 'Shut the fuck up...' to my friend whom he did not know at all. We never understood the 3rd and 4th time he came and we never had any dialog or provoked him. He said 'fuck' to Nilperi but I never heard him say 'bitch'."

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