Burak Celik: I favor peace in love.

Burak Celik: I favor peace in love.

This week's guest of 'Tight Conversation with Hakan Gence' on Hürriyet YouTube channel was Burak Çelik. The handsome actor, who has attracted attention with the series he has recently starred in, said about his career, "I have no ambition, I have determination. The sets and this profession are very difficult. Those who do not love this job cannot do it just for money.

" Saying that he dreams of trying different roles, the actor said, "They put you in a shape and they always want you to play roles that fit that shape. No one wants to take risks. We all have the urge to be liked and approved, but I don't get too hung up on it and I don't drown myself in that sea," he said. 

Çelik, who has acted in different projects in both romantic comedy and action genres, said, "In romantic comedy, you need to be in high energy all the time. This also has its difficult sides. My previous job was action; the natural conditions were more difficult, but in the end, they are both acting," he said, comparing these two genres. 

Çelik said that he looks tough from the outside, but he is funny and entertaining and answered questions about his private life; "I am a romantic within moderation. Not too much, for example, if I am going to light a candle or something during dinner, I can laugh when I can't light that candle. I am for peace in love. The jostling can be from a sweet place, but constant bickering tires me out."

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