Can Yaman absent at Demet Ozdemir's wedding: their flirtation was rumored in the past

Can Yaman absent at Demet Ozdemir's wedding: their flirtation was rumored in the past

Demet Ozdemir got married but, at her wedding, Can Yaman was not present. The wedding of the Turkish actress was particularly awaited by fans, given the huge popularity, she has gained in recent years not only in her home country but also in the rest of the world.

In Italy, Demet Ozdemir's success came with DayDreamer - Le ali del sogno, the afternoon soap opera that starred her for an entire television season together with Can Yaman, who has now become one of the sex symbols of Italian TV.

Demet Ozdemir, the DayDreamer actress, gets married: Can Yaman absent

After several postponements, Demet Ozdemir crowned her dream of love last August 28. The DayDreamer lead actress was united in marriage to Oguzhan Koc, a well-loved artist in Turkey who is also famous in the world of film and TV series.

The wedding was held at a luxurious Istanbul resort, but at the long-awaited reception, Can Yaman's absence did not go unnoticed.

The Turkish actor did not attend the wedding of his colleague and friend Demet Ozdemir, toward whom he had always spoken good words even after the end of the filming of DayDreamer - The Wings of Dream.

Turkish star Can Yaman not present at Demet's wedding after flirtation rumors

For a period of time, in fact, there had also been rumors between Can and Demet that there had been a flirtation on the set of the soap opera: rumors that the two parties concerned preferred not to ride, without giving rise to further Gossip.

The fact remains that Can's absence has raised quite a few suspicions in the eyes of many fans since most of the DayDreamer protagonists were present at the wedding.

The official reasons for this absence are not known at the moment but it is not ruled out that Can may have preferred not to move from Italy, complicit with the numerous work commitments that await him over the next few weeks.

Can Yaman's return on Canale 5 with Viola come il mare

While waiting to find out if Can Yaman will shed light on his absence at his colleague Demet's wedding, anticipation is growing for the airing of " Viola come il mare."

The new drama will debut next Sept. 30 in prime time on Canale 5 and will be the first series to feature Can Yaman acting completely in Italian.

This is a particularly ambitious project for the Turkish actor who, in recent months, had also been announced as the new face of the Sandokan remake, for which, however, official filming has not yet begun at the moment.

The project, however, would not be canceled but could only undergo postponements and see the light of day during the next television seasons.

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