Can Yaman, Gerry Scotti's ironic dig: 'They make him work anyway' (Video)

Can Yaman, Gerry Scotti's ironic dig: 'They make him work anyway' (Video)

Can Yaman starred in a question on Caduta Libera, the pre-evening game show successfully hosted by Gerry Scotti on Canale 5.

During the last episode of the popular quiz show, the host on the question about the Turkish star who will soon star on Canale 5 with the drama " Viola come il mare" , he missed no opportunity for an ironic jibe about the talented actor who has bewitched Italian audiences.

Gerry Scotti's ironic dig at Can Yaman

In detail, during the last episode of Caduta Libera aired on Canale 5, among the various questions proposed to the contestants, there was also one referring to can Yaman.

The contestant had to guess the name of the Turkish star. He is a very paparazed model and actor Can recited the question read by Gerry Scotti during the broadcast, to which an answer had to be dared.

And, on the occasion, the host missed no opportunity for an ironic jibe at the actor, leveraging the wordplay 'Can-dog'.

'It's Can by name eh,' Scotti's dig at Can Yaman on Free Fall (Video)

"He thinks he's Can but they make him work anyway," Gerry Scotti pointed out, speaking ironically about the Turkish actor who will soon be on Canale 5's prime time show again.

"He is Can by name eh," Gerry Scotti then stressed again confirming his ironic intent in the jibe thrown at Yaman.

Meanwhile, anticipation is growing for the airing of Viola come il mare, the first TV series shot entirely in Italian that will star Can Yaman in the prime time of Mediaset's flagship network.

Can Yaman's return to Canale 5: when Viola come il mare debuts.

The show is scheduled to air on Friday evenings, in the time slot from 9:30 p.m. to about 11:30 p.m. and, the drama is scheduled to debut on Friday, September 30, 2022.

A debut particularly awaited by fans of the Turkish star who, for several months to finally see him at work in this first season of the drama that will star him on the small screen alongside Francesca Chillemi. The two, just these days, were guests at the Venice Film Festival to present the highly anticipated series to the press.

Meanwhile, the promos of the drama have already started over the summer, synonymous with the fact that in the Mediaset house they believe a lot in this product that could record excellent results from the audit point of view.

Will, Can Yaman be able to confirm that he is the "King Midas" of Italian dramas after his success on Canale 5 with the soaps DayDreamer and Mr. Wrong? The Mediaset TV audience will be left with the final arduous judgment.

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