Didem Soydan's support for Burak Deniz

Didem Soydan's support for Burak Deniz

Famous actors Nilperi Şahinkaya and Burak Deniz, who do not know each other, have become tense. Nilperi Şahinkaya, her sculptor boyfriend Emre Yusufi and his friends, who stayed at the same hotel in Adana, were exposed to Burak Deniz's curses. Although Burak Deniz apologized after the incident, the last regret did not help. A lawsuit was filed against Deniz. Didem Soydan made a statement about this situation in which her lover Burak Deniz fell.

Didem Soydan was seen in Nişantaşı with her close friend Umut Eker the previous evening.

The reporters asked her about her lover Burak Deniz's recent incident of swearing at Nilperi Şahinkaya in a hotel in Adana and the incident being brought to court.

Soydan said, "He is also very upset. He already made the necessary explanation."

"This situation was also reflected in his behavior in daily life. He is definitely not such a person."

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