The price of Demet Özdemir's style has been revealed!

The price of Demet Özdemir's style has been revealed!

Actress Demet Özdemir, who is preparing to sit at the wedding table with Oğuzhan Koç next week, is among the names who frequently use her social media page.

The price of Demet Özdemir's outfit, who shared a new pose with her followers by facing the camera in the garden in the past days, became clear.

According to the account called 'Fenomenler Ne Giymiş?'; Özdemir's white blouse is 650, and her black pants are 1,950 TL. The belt of a world-famous brand, which she uses as an accessory, is worth 6,750 TL.

Here is that combination of Demet Özdemir:

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