A statement about a new baby from Demet Özdemir!

A statement about a new baby from Demet Özdemir!

Actress Demet Özdemir was the guest of Ömür Sabuncuoğlu on SHOW TV screens. Making sincere statements, Özdemir stated that she does not have a fake account on Instagram. The 30-year-old actress said, "If I had a fake account, I would have been caught immediately."

In addition, Demet Özdemir, who stated that since the day she used social media, she did not receive declarations of love, stated that there is a possibility that such messages may come to her husband Oğuzhan Koç, whom she entered the world marriage last month, and said, "Such messages are coming to my husband. I would not have any reaction. After we trust each other, it is out of the question for me to go through his phone.


Demet Özdemir, who also celebrated the 10th anniversary of her career, said that her family comes to her mind when she looks back. The famous name said, "My mother is still surprised at how famous I am. I am touched when I think of what my mother thinks of me," she said.


Demet Özdemir also put the last point on the 'pregnancy' news about her after the wedding. Stating that the allegations were not true, Özdemir said, "There is no pressure for a child. we do not have such a life. Everything happens when the time comes," she said.

Stating that she may star in a biography movie in the next period of her career, Demet Özdemir said, "I can say Türkan Şoray as a life motivation, but if I am asked to play a dancer, I can say Nesrin Topkapı." Upon being asked how she would like to be addressed after her marriage, the famous name replied, "Demet Özdemir Koç please".


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