Demet Özdemir, about the danger of social networks: "It makes me sad that people can spew so much malice".

Demet Özdemir, about the danger of social networks: "It makes me sad that people can spew so much malice".

She has become one of the most popular actresses in Turkey and one of those with the most international projection. Her participation in 'Erkenci Kus: dreaming bird' skyrocketed her fame. A fame that besides bringing recognition and affection from fans also brings a negative side. 

Being in the spotlight, being analyzed with a magnifying glass and being on many occasions the object of gratuitous criticism and attacks by haters, who have found in the anonymity of social networks their best platform to lash out at anyone, is something that all celebrities must deal with.

Of course, Demet Özdemir is no stranger to this more negative side of popularity and has had to learn the hard way to live with it. And it is not always easy. A few days ago, the actress admitted to reporters that although she is not obsessed with the bad comments she receives through the networks she can't help that sometimes they affect her. "I can't say I don't care about bad comments. There are times when I feel sad," the Turkish actress admitted.

Networks have become a powerful and very dangerous tool. Information (true or false) spreads at breakneck speed and comments soon reach the protagonists, who sometimes find themselves defenseless against the attacks of thousands of people. Something that Demet Özdemir, who is particularly concerned that there are so many people who enjoy doing harm, is unable to understand.

"Apart from the comments that have been made to me, my real regret is that people can spew so much malice, knowing that we will see and read them. There are those who thrive on lynching," the actress reflected.

The fear of Demet Özdemir

Despite the success she has reaped in recent years, Demet Özdemir, who feels lucky for the dream she is living, keeps her feet on the ground aware that fame can be ephemeral and that her situation can change at any moment. Therefore, the actress feels mentally prepared for whatever may happen in the future.

"I'm not afraid of losing popularity," she acknowledged a few years ago during an interview, in which she also revealed that while fame doesn't matter to her, losing the public's affection would be much harder for her. "What I'm afraid of losing is people's love, which I don't attribute to popularity," the actress confessed.

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