"Sometimes I'm exhausted and broken too"

"Sometimes I'm exhausted and broken too"

Actress Hande Erçel gave an interview to Marie Claire magazine. Erçel made sincere statements; "I live an ordinary life. My daily life is ordinary and peaceful. It is even calmer and more serene than you can even imagine. "The routines I do with my family, friends, and dogs make me happy. Of course, popularity has its limitations. Sometimes I get exhausted and broken too," she said. "I achieved everything I have by working hard. I never had the luxury of giving up. I got my strength from working."


The actress also said: "Social media is an uncontrolled power. The best way to express my emotions is to paint. I forget everything while drawing.

I can play any role whose script I feel comfortable with. I have no limits in that regard. My biggest role model is my mother. At every stage of my life, in every situation that happens to me, I look up to her upright stance, her free spirit and the joy she never loses. I am not a fashion person. I am not interested in fashion. I don't care about the brand. I prefer to shop carefully." 

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