Tuğba Ekinci's controversial words to Birce Akalay!

Tuğba Ekinci's controversial words to Birce Akalay!

Birce Akalay and İbrahim Çelikkol, who were talked about for a long time with love allegations, turned out to be close friends. Finally, Birce Akalay shared a photo from her social media account. İbrahim Çelikkol attracted attention with his comment on this frame. " Your bullets are sexy, you are the only one in this realm," he wrote on Birce Akalay's pose.

Tuğba Ekinci, who saw this comment, made a reference by sharing that pose of Akalay. Tuğba Ekinci, the queen of polemics, said, " Are bullets going to ricochet on this? The bullet ricocheting from it comes to the head of the shooter," she said.

Akalay's fans, who saw Tuğba Ekinci's post, kept Ekinci on the ball. "You are jealous" comments were made. Ekinci fans, on the other hand, made comments in the form of "We love your frankness and straightforwardness".

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