Alina Boz revealed the secret of her happy relationship!

Alina Boz revealed the secret of her happy relationship!

Actress Alina Boz, who took part in productions such as 'Elimi Bırakma', 'Aşk 101' and 'Bölük', answered the questions of the journalists she spoke to the cameras while leaving a venue in Etiler the previous day. Talking about her new project 'Bandırma Missile Club', Boz also talked about her long-standing happy relationship with Mithat Can Özer, the son of Sezen Aksu and Sinan Özer, and revealed the secret of their relationship.

When asked about the reactions to the actor who starred in the movie 'Bandirma Missile Club', he said, "The reactions are very good. I will go to the movies today with my friends, let me measure their reactions. It was a very sweet movie. The fact that it is a period piece and gives motivation to people always excites me, I love such movies. That's why I liked it so much when I read it."

Boz, who said that her boyfriend Mithat Can Özer did not watch the movie, was reminded that she played a young girl who fits her boyfriend's dreams in the movie and was asked, "Are you like this in normal life?" In response to this question, the successful actress said, "Of course. I want to stand behind the dreams of my friends, loved ones and everyone," she said. To the question, "Would you do your best to make Mr. Mithat's dreams come true?" the successful actress said, "Of course, I would. Wouldn't you? Always full support for my loved ones".


Alina Boz, who was also asked about the secret of her relationship with Mithat Can Özer for many years, said that they prefer to live their relationship away from the eyes and answered as follows: "I think it's a bit about personality, preferring not to be in the public eye. We support each other in everything. We also get along well. Our personalities also fit. I think patience is the secret of such relationships. We are good for each other, that's the secret. It's just luck.

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