Can Yaman drew attention in Konuşanlar with one of his memories!

Can Yaman drew attention in Konuşanlar with one of his memories!

Hasan Can Kaya, who made a name for himself with his program Konuşanlar, makes the audience laugh and sweat with the questions he asks. In the last part of the program, Hasan Can went to his guest and asked the question "Are you a dancer?" When he got the answer "Yes", laughter broke out in the studio.

Hasan Can, who handed the microphone to Arzu, asked the young woman where she worked and asked about her shitting story or fantasy. Describing her shitting story, Arzu said, "One day I went to a club with my friend. I got drunk. Then I opened my eyes and someone took me on his lap in the hallway. That person is Can Yaman. My friend tells me about it later. 

Can Yaman is trying to make me vomit, Anıl Tetik is throwing water in my face. The statue-like boy was doing something to me. I was in a bad state...

He took me out of there, put me in his car, and brought me to our house. He puts me on the couch and leaves." There was silence and then everyone laughed.

Hasan Can, who said, 'You came to make charisma for the man', made a joke of the situation by saying, 'You couldn't arrange it if you gave money.

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