Can Yaman has broken his Social silence, returning to post content on his now-deserted Instagram profile for days. Indeed, the actor has surprised the people of the web in no small way, posting on Social media the video and super sexy shots of his latest photoshoot for Dolce & Gabbana, surprising and making his fans rejoice. Someone, however, seems to have seen this return to Instagram as a kind of "forcing." Let's see together why!

Can Yaman forced to break his silence over sponsorship issues?

Can Yaman's fans could not be happier with the return of their favorite on Social. Indeed, the actor has been absent for more than two weeks from his Instagram profile, which he often uses to keep in touch with his admirers and make them part of his life. After days of silence, Yaman thus "reappeared" by posting on his page the hot shots and video of his latest modeling shoot for Dolce & Gabbana, but the actor's posts and Ig Stories do not seem to have convinced some fans...

If you look at the description of Can Yaman's published posts, in fact, they are re-posts (reposts) or shared posts, devoid of any personal addition by the actor. Even the Instagram Stories with the video posted from Dolce & Gabbana's profile is devoid of tags or comments, which Yaman is wont to add frequently.

Can Yaman video Dolce and Gabbana shower.

For this reason, some fans have speculated that in fact Can Yaman has not at all broken his silence of his own volition, but may have simply fulfilled contractual obligations related to sponsorship, now common in a world dominated by social media. Thus, admirers of the Turkish actor can only enjoy this comeback by their favorite, and hope that this was not a momentary "drop-in."

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