Can Yaman, Francesca Chillemi's backstory: 'We are instinctive and this thing makes us cringe'

Can Yaman, Francesca Chillemi's backstory: 'We are instinctive and this thing makes us cringe'

Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi have been the revelation couple of this autumn television with the first season of Viola come il mare.

The two actors have succeeded in winning the approval of the Canale 5 audience, which, over the six weeks of airing, has followed the couple's adventures with interest and participation.

Waiting to find out what will happen in the course of the second season, Francesca Chillemi admitted that it was not exactly easy, at first, to get on the same page with Can Yaman.

The success of Viola come il mare enshrines the Can Yaman - Francesca Chillemi couple

The first season of Viola come il mare experienced a ratings boom, thanks in part to the perfect chemistry that was created between the two leads.

Can and Francesca managed to win over the Channel 5 audience thanks to their synergy, with which they were able to break through to the hearts of millions of viewers.

With the unreleased episodes of the first season over, a bit of backstory has come out about what happened during the months the two actors were busy in Sicily filming the Mediaset TV series.

Backstory on Can Yaman and the filming of the series: talks Francesca Chillemi

Francesca Chillemi, for example, revealed that it was not exactly super easy at first, due to the complicity that Can Yaman had to act in Italian and therefore in a different language.

The actress went on to reveal that with Can there was no shortage of tense moments on set, complicit in the fact that they both have very strong characters.

"We have a lot in common: we are instinctive and this makes us cringe, but sometimes it creates a beautiful energy," revealed Francesca Chillemi. while Can reiterated that she had a very nice few months on the set of the drama.

Fans await new episodes of Viola Come il mare 2 with Can Yaman

Meanwhile, public anticipation is growing for what will be new episodes of Viola come il mare 2.

The TV series produced by Lux Vide has already been confirmed for the next Mediaset TV season: filming will begin in the spring, but to see the new episodes aired on TV may have to wait until 2024.

Meanwhile, after the finale of the first season, it is not excluded that the second one could open with an unexpected twist.

Francesco and Viola, in fact, might find out that they are siblings since they are children of the same father. Should this bitter truth be confirmed, it would put an end to the dream of seeing the two young people in love and happy together.

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