Can Yaman's fans seem to be unable to sustain the actor's silence any longer. Indeed, the Turkish star seems to be going through a very difficult time in his life, perhaps career-related, which is why he has disappeared from sight lately. However, his loyal admirers have decided to stand up for him, showering him with messages of affection and writing him a long and moving letter

Can Yaman unreachable, fans write him a letter

For a couple of weeks now Can Yaman seems to have chosen to shut himself off from the rest of the world. In fact, the actor stopped posting content on his Instagram profile around the end of October, and his latest post is certainly not the most joyful. A few days after his last nod on Social, news emerged of the sudden frost that had fallen between him and Francesca Chillemi

As if that were not enough, Can Yaman suffered a foot injury around the same time, for whose rehabilitation he went to a physiotherapy center in Budapest. Indeed, it is thanks to a photo posted on the center's Social profile, in which we see the actor smiling together with some of his fans, that Yaman's virtual admirers were able to find out that he was still in Hungary

As of now, the actor's silence continues and his fans are increasingly concerned. For this reason, Can Yaman's fandom has decided to make a new attempt, posting a touching letter of support on the web

"Dearest Can, writing to you is not easy, imagining you reading even less so, but we are crossing our fingers that these words of ours will reach you as they sprang from our hearts. It would have been easy to tell you that you are strong, that your sacrifices will be rewarded, that you must hang in there, that you are our warrior and that we will always be there for you. But you should already know this since we are your fan page. With these few lines, we actually want to get one message to you. Right now we don't know what you are going through this time, we can only imagine it, especially for those who are not familiar with your work environment. 

We do know that it is certainly a different experience than any you have faced and experienced to date and that it will make you grow and improve even more. Sometimes, though, there are times in life when being told that you need to be strong is not enough. Sometimes you just want one thing, one simple thing -- for someone to care about you and simply ask, 'How are you?' That's what we want to do, Can. Because even though we don't know each other, even though we're not your friends and we're not part of your life, you've come into ours and taken a piece of our hearts. You snuck in among our dearest affections, and you settled there next to them. And so, as you do with those you hold close and carry inside, like a member of your family or a close friend you really care about, in the same way, we care about you. We care about you and we want your good. So, with our hearts in our hands, we are here to simply ask you 'Dear Can, how are you?' All it takes is a smile from you reassuring us that all is well beyond the difficulties, distance, and sacrifices you are facing now. All we need is to know that you are well."

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