Can Yaman returns to Instagram and causes chaos among fans: 'He always manages to amaze'

Can Yaman returns to Instagram and causes chaos among fans: 'He always manages to amaze'

Can Yaman reappears on social after a long social silence and unleashes panic among fans. After weeks in which he made his tracks disappear, here is the Turkish star beloved by the Italian public, has returned to show up on Instagram.

This afternoon, Can Yaman broke his religious silence by posting a campaign video in which he shows himself "in the shower," thus ending up wreaking havoc among his many fans.

Can Yaman's comeback after long social silence

In detail, even before the first season of Viola Come il mare on Canale 5 came to an end, Can Yaman had lost track of him on the social front, taking refuge in a religious silence.

The actor who has starred in several successful series, such as Daydreamer and Mr Wrong, preferred to pull the plug for a while, thus avoiding giving constant updates to his supporters, just as he has always done over the years.

A silence that did not go unnoticed among fans, to the point that a great many were even concerned about this prolonged silence, fearing something might have happened.

The video of Can Yaman in the shower causes chaos among fans on social media

However, in the end, Can Yaman chose to put an end to his social "disappearance," and he did so by posting a clip on social media that did not go unnoticed at all.

It is a video that the Turkish actor made for the new "Dolce and Gabbana'' advertising campaign: Can shows himself in the shower before getting dressed and "coming out of the scene."

A clip that sent the actor's many social fans into raptures, content, first of all, to see him again on Instagram after this long period of absence.

'Perfection exists,' Can Yaman's fans over the moon after his return

"Perfection exists and it's called Can Yaman," wrote one of the actor's fans commenting on the images of this video that he has released on his Instagram account.

"Can is fine, and how fine he is," commented another social user referring to the fact that this prolonged absence from social media has not affected his fitness in the slightest.

"Can always manage to amaze. With this video you made summer come back," another social user commented after seeing the Turkish actor's footage.

"A spectacle. Think of those lucky drops of water gently falling on his skin," wrote another fan of the Turkish actor.

In short, the footage of Can in the shower has wreaked havoc among his supporters who are now hoping to see him active again on his much-followed Instagram profile.

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