Can Yaman can be considered one of the hottest actors of the moment. In fact, the Turkish star has reached very high levels of popularity and appreciation after moving to our country. To some, however, Yaman's great success seems to be starting to get tight, which is why the actor decided to break his polite silence towards criticism, finding a rather amusing way to make himself heard... Here's what happened!

Can Yaman responds to those who try so hard to outshine him on social media

Although fans will not like to hear this, Can Yaman does not seem to like everyone. In fact, the actor certainly boasts a lot of admirers who sincerely appreciate him--and unfortunately, some "haters" as well. These, as a rule, are ordinary users who comment negatively on the actor's performances, but sometimes they can also be generic pages that are widely followed.

In fact, according to reports on the web, it seems that precisely one of these well-known Social pages has dabbled in creating a few polls in which Can Yaman and his programs have been compared with other actors and broadcasts. But unlike other occasions when the actor has kept his quiet in the face of provocations, this time Yaman wanted to be heard, breaking out the kind of humor that his fans love. For example, in a poll in which the aforementioned page asked its followers who they preferred between the Turkish actor and Lino Guanciale, Can Yaman replied, "Of course Lino Guanciale, They broke up with Turkish," and then again, "Enough really, he's obnoxious."

When the same page then asked in a further poll, which program they would be watching on Saturday night between Viola Come il Mare and Tale e Quale Show, which fans are well aware both air on Friday nights, Can Yaman commented not failing to point out the error: "Saturday night, good this page, very precise with the right info... anyway see you on Friday with Tale e Quale, ah sorry, with Viola."

What do you think of this ironic side of the Turkish actor?

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