Did Yasemin Özilhan unfollow Hande Erçel at Kerem Bürsin's request?

Did Yasemin Özilhan unfollow Hande Erçel at Kerem Bürsin's request?

Yasemin Özilhan, who entered high society after marrying businessman İzzet Özilhan and who completely left acting, recently appeared as a guest actress in the series Mucize Doktor. Yasemin Özilhan, who was seen the other day, talked about the situation between her close friend Kerem Bürsin and his ex-girlfriend Hande Erçel.

Saying, "Everything is fine in my life," Özilhan responded to the allegations that, " her close friend Kerem Bürsin asked her to unfollow his ex-girlfriend Hande Erçel", and "There is nothing like that, friends". To the question, "Why did you unfollow Hande Erçel? You were on good terms, what happened?" she said, " There is nothing wrong with me, I'm already not saying I'm bad, there is nothing. Thank you, I don't want to talk about it. They make nonsense news, they write things that are not coming out of my mouth as if they were coming out," she said.


Özilhan responded to the question, "Would you say hello if you came across her somewhere?" Özilhan replied, "Of course, I would say hello."

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