El Turco featuring Can Yaman, a set photo sets social on fire: 'Lucky kitten'

El Turco featuring Can Yaman, a set photo sets social on fire: 'Lucky kitten'

The filming of El Turco featuring Can Yaman seems to be going on without any kind of hiccups. This is confirmed by the few pictures released these days by the cast of the TV series inspired by the novel El Turco by Orhan Yenieras. In many of the shots, on the other hand, the 33-year-old Turkish man is not visible, and his loyal followers are wondering whether the actor is not showing up by his own will or he is not present on that set. But a photo posted by Greta Ferro in her Instagram Stories has made a lot of noise and has been the subject of chatter from Can Yaman's very loyal female admirers.

El Turco first set photos of the surface

It's been several weeks since Can Yaman, best known for playing interesting roles in various Turkish TV series, has shown no signs of life, and many concerned fans have even written him a long and encouraging letter, 'Let us know how you are. The last photo the DayDreamer - The Wings of Dreamer star posted on his official Instagram account was on October 31, and the caption: 'My prison' brought anxiety and agitation to the hearts of millions of followers. But thanks to some photos found on social via the hashtag with the name El Turco, the Turkish actor's loyal followers can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Greta Ferro's photo drives Can Yaman's followers crazy.

There are few photos circulating on social media regarding the new TV series titled El Turco, but only one has attracted the complete attention of Can Yaman's loyal female fans. It is a photo that Greta Ferro, the female protagonist of the Disney Plus-targeted TV series, posted in her Instagram Stories.

In this photo, which was also shared by a number of pages dedicated to the Turkish actor, only two hands can be seen cuddling a very tender kitten, and many followers had no doubts: 'Those are Can Yaman's unmistakable hands.'

El Turco, Can Yaman's followers' comments: 'It's enough for me to know he's a little serene on the set'

Many comments reading below the photo in question describe the happiness of female admirers at receiving a signal from their favorite Turkish actor: 'Even if it's the hands, it's enough for me to know him a little serene on the set'; 'Love can also be transmitted with the hands,' wrote another very loyal fan, 'and if they are Can Yaman's, it's pure and sincere love.

There are also those who envy that quadruped in the loving hands of Francesco Demir's interpreter in Viola Come Il Mare: 'Lucky kitten.' There was also no shortage of ironic comments: 'Can's first photo from the set, or at least a part of him,' a phrase accompanied by a series of smiley faces laughing out loud.

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