Hande Erçel finally reveals if she is with Kerem Bursin.

Hande Erçel finally reveals if she is with Kerem Bursin.

Hande Erçel and Kerem Bursin's couple is the news we've been waiting for and now Hande reveals it in the following statements we were able to get outside a work meeting.

Our little fan heart would kill to see Hande Erçel and Kerem Bursin, the two stars of 'Love is in the air', as a couple again. That's why we almost died when we saw the couple having a coffee together at a Starbucks in Istanbul a few weeks ago already.

The most revealing interview of Hande Erçel

There she is, dressed in a brown suit, black leather boots, a tight bodice, and a ponytail, Hande, always friendly as always, answered all the questions about her work until the journalists asked her the question everyone wanted to hear: Are you in a relationship with Kerem Bursin, Hande Erçel?

The interview

"Hello Miss Hande, how are you?"

Hande Erçel: I am fine, thank you very much, how are you?

 You look very elegant

H.E: Yes, we have had some very interesting meetings where I have been proposed several projects. I decided to come dressed up because the occasion demanded it.

 Your fans are going to be happy then.

H.E: Yes, I hope so. It's going to be a very interesting project and I'm really excited.

Has it been signed then?

H.E: Not at the moment. We are still discussing the details.

H.E: I can't give you more details. I have just left the meeting.

 Will it be a film, or a series?

H.E: Let me not reveal it for the moment. I will do it when I can...

 You can't give us any details then?

H.E: For now there is nothing.

 Of course, we love to see you smiling.

H.E: Thank you very much. I am also delighted to see you here.

 Leaving work aside, what are you doing these days? You seem to have taken a break, how are you doing?

H.E: Yes, I have taken some time off.

 You are a hard worker, what is it like to take a break for you, how does it feel?

H.E: I miss working a lot and it's been a long time but this way I can spend more time with my family. I'm taking advantage of it to do things I couldn't do like meeting up with my friends. Actually, it has been wonderful.

 We have seen that you shared something with your brother-in-law...

H.E: Ah, yes, that video I shared for his birthday. It's a classic.

 Miss Hande, we have always been able to see you here with Kerem Bursin, do you remember, because we do remember?

H.E: Of course we do, my old teammate.

 News has leaked out that your relationship has started again.

H.E: No. There is no one in my life. If there was you would know.

The confirmation that the photos of Hande Erçel and Kerem Bursin in a Starbucks were true.

 But a photograph of the two of them together has been leaked.

H.E: Don't take it seriously. People meet, have coffee, talk... that's all.

 So the two of you had a friendly meeting, is that it?

After this question and with a trademark elegance, Hande started walking towards the car that would take her home, or who knows if it was a "friendly meeting" with Kerem Bursin.

From this interview, we got it clear that the relationship between the two of them is not dead but it seems that they are seeing and talking to each other again. 

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