Hande Erçel, on motherhood': If I decide to bring a child into the world it will come with hope and radiate beauty .(full interview)

Hande Erçel, on motherhood': If I decide to bring a child into the world it will come with hope and radiate beauty .(full interview)

More sincere than ever. This is how Hande Erçel appears in the latest issue of the Turkish edition of Hello magazine. In what according to her fans is the best and most emotional interview she has given in her entire career, the actress opens her heart to the magazine, where she also stars in a spectacular pose with the autumn-winter trends.

As one of the most popular actresses in her country and one of the most internationally known due to the great success of 'Love is in the air', Hande Erçel has been away from the film sets for a little over a year. Something the actress is not worried about. "I am not in a state of panic, in fact, I am in a period where I am enjoying myself after such a beloved job," she confessed. 

"I am fragile and I don't hide it."

Her mother, her sister Gamze, her friends... Hande has always surrounded herself with strong and brave women in whom she has found and finds an example to follow. "My definition of life is changing a lot and my definition of being strong and brave is also changing. Sometimes we can be very fragile and still be the strongest woman in the world," explained the interpreter who recognizes that she doesn't come down easily. "There has to be a lot of accumulation of things to break me. But yes, I am fragile. I used to try to hide it, but now I don't," said the actress, who recognizes that she is not one to give up easily and that the attitude we maintain in our lives is fundamental. "Sometimes the smile on someone's face is enough to bring you back into existence. We are the ones who dress the world and make it beautiful.

I am a person who clings to hope with all my strength."

Fragile, emotional, sincere, strong, and courageous. Hande Erçel has become the woman she had always wanted to be but to achieve this she has had to travel a long road full of experiences and learning. "When I look back on my own journey, I am filled with happiness because I learned to love and be proud of myself. The greatest gift of my life are the experiences that have transformed me into the woman I am."

Hande Erçel and motherhood

Although the time has not yet come for her to consider becoming a mother and that day still seems far away, Erçel has thought on more than one occasion about what it would be like to have a child. Very emotional, the actress assures that when that moment comes, the little one will change her life and make it more beautiful. "I think that if I decide to bring a child into the world, it will come with hope and will radiate beauty," she.

Disenchanted with social networks

With almost thirty million followers on Instagram, the star of 'Love is in the air' has recognized that with the passage of time, she does not feel comfortable with using social media as it has become a place where people express their hate indiscriminately and without control. That has led her to move further and further away from these platforms and to expose less and less of her intimate life. "I have used social networks with great affection since the beginning, but I regret not being able to say the same thing again. They have become a platform for hate. Nobody has any respect for private life anymore. That's why I've been trying not to use it lately," revealed the actress, who acknowledges that she has long been bombarded with criticism for her work and physical appearance. 

A future far from the big city

Although her work has forced her to move to the big city, the star of 'Love is in the air is clear that one day she will return to her origins and move away from the hustle and bustle of Istanbul. "I've always lived far from the city, I've only spent three years of my life there. I have never felt that I belong to the chaos of the city. After that, I will go further away and dream of a life on the farm," he has recounted. 

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