Statement from Alp Navruz on betrayal allegations!

Statement from Alp Navruz on betrayal allegations!

Alp Navruz made a statement on social media regarding the betrayal allegations that emerged after his separation from Ayça Ayşin Turan last night. Alp Navruz; "Recently, I have also read with astonishment a few news about me that have no reality and are written only as allegations because they know this. It is clearly evident that this process is being carried forward by malicious people by making such hearsay news one after the other.

I did not want to make a statement until today, but now these rumors coming from malicious mouths have reached a level beyond disrespect. I also wanted to point out that every relationship may wear out in time, and there may be some disagreements between people. For general reasons, we ended our relationship by talking with mutual respect. It has nothing to do with these baseless ugly rumors. I hope that the person or persons spreading these rumors have the consciousness of love, respect, family, and a clear conscience... Sincerely..."

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