This is Can Yaman's hotel room in Budapest.

This is Can Yaman's hotel room in Budapest.

We are going to show you what is inside the room of Can Yaman in the best hotel in Budapest. It's golden prison. Look because it has no waste.

Can Yaman is staying in one of the most luxurious suites of the Matild Palace hotel, a luxury collection hotel. And yes, luxurious is the best adjective to describe the experience of staying in it. We show it to you.

Can Yaman is staying in this suite with a balcony, one of the most exclusive and luxurious of the hotel and overlooking the Danube River.

If like us we have the images of Can Yaman with his naked torso leaning out of the balcony, this is what the actor sees when he does it. A real luxury.

The en-suite bathroom is that cool. Modern, marble, spacious and ideal for endless steamy showers.

From the bed, Can Yaman is able to gaze out over the horizon as he drifts off to sleep after a hard day of filming El Turco, the new series he's shooting in Budapest for Disney+.

The room also has a foyer to rest or manage your social media or emails while lying on this cozy blue sofa.

Can Yaman's hotel: his golden prison

But beware, Can Yaman's life doesn't end in his room. The Matild hotel is a large architectural complex that has all kinds of activities and services for Can to escape from his hard days of filming. For example, you can request a massage session.

Work out in the fully equipped gym.

Have a drink in one of the bars and terraces that the hotel has in its penthouse.

Enjoy a private sauna

Or go down to have a drink in the hall and enjoy a show like the one we told you about here and that was the consequence of what we are now seeing how the Can Yaman hotel in Budapest looks like from the inside.

All this in a hotel that exudes luxury and exclusivity. With glass corridors on the highest floors, secret corners that invite you to get lost in them and that you can enjoy for a whopping 600 euros a night if you want the Can Yaman suite overlooking the Danube River. There are other more expensive options in the penthouse of the hotel that are perfect for couples or families as they are two-storey rooms with a loft structure but that Can Yaman at the moment does not seem to need them as he has no partner despite the commotion that is mounted in Italy with his filming partner of the series 'Viola come il mare' Francesca Chillemi.

Not bad for an actor who claims to pocket 100,000 euros a week for his work in 'El Turco' and that judging by the physical wear that is taking him deserves this and more.

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