Viola Come Il Mare, Francesca Chillemi to fans: 'Don't blame the scriptwriters'

Viola Come Il Mare, Francesca Chillemi to fans: 'Don't blame the scriptwriters'

There will be a second season of Viola Come Il Mare. The news was made known by producer Luca Bernabei, who during a recent interview revealed some anticipations regarding the plot and cast.

Meanwhile, fans continue to speculate about the connection between the characters played by Francesca Chillemi and Can Yaman. While the Turkish star has not given any signs since the penultimate episode of the TV series directed by Francesco Vicario, the former Miss Italy had a lot of fun reading the theories and reactions of fans in front of the final scene of Viola come il mare.

Viola come il mare, Francesca Chillemi's message to her fans

The final episode of the first season of Viola Come Il Mare was broadcast on Friday, November 4, on Canale 5 and was commented on not only by fans but also by the actors who were part of this event drama. The only one who was silent was Can Yaman, the interpreter of Chief Inspector Francesco Demir. Most likely, the Turkish star was unable to find some time to comment on the season finale of the Mediaset-branded drama because of the filming of his upcoming TV series entitled El Turco.

Talking about the last episode of the drama directed by Francesco Vicario, protagonists Viola and Francesco finally opened their hearts and right during a kiss, they were interrupted by a phone call from Turi, the wingman of Chief Inspector Demir.

At the end of the phone call, Viola invited her beloved into the kitchen, and Francesco, upon seeing that she had set to the stove for him, made up an excuse to slip away, a sign that he was not yet ready for a serious and lasting relationship.

Some fans expressed displeasure at these scenes and vented on social media.

Francesca Chillemi, who was very amused by this situation, posted a very short video in her Instagram Stories, explaining, 'It's not fair for you to take it out on the scriptwriters because in reality only one person is to blame: Turi. So, take it up with him'

Fans' guesses amuse Francesca Chillemi: 'You guys are brilliant'

Disappointing Viola come il mare fans was the final scene, namely the phone call between Sonia, Francesco Demir's mother, and the journalist.

In detail, Chief Inspector Demir's mother made it clear to Viola that she urgently needed to talk to her about Francesco's real father. Then the camera shifted the frame to the photo that Francesco's mother was holding in one hand. It was of a man the woman had known when she was young.

Viewers realized that the man is the same man Viola has been looking for for some time. Some of the fans of Viola come il mare have been sifting through all kinds of hypotheses: there are those who have resigned themselves to the idea that the two protagonists are half-siblings and that, thanks to Francesco, Viola might recover from her illness. There are also those who have speculated that the person seen in the photo guarded by the two women is Francesco's father and that the man he killed as a young man could be Viola's father.

Faced with these theories, Francesca Chillemi laughed out loud: 'I'm reading your comments and you make me laugh so much. Yes, I know, the ending. What an ending, though, you guys are brilliant!'

Anticipations Viola Come il mare 2: producer speaks

Meanwhile, producer Luca Bernabei confirmed that Viola come il mare will have a sequel and that the main story of the second season is ready. He added that he is very happy to have Silvia Leuzzi among the writers as well: 'She is an intelligent woman and is making a great career.'

Speaking about the second season of the series, Bernadei revealed that it will consist of 12 episodes of 50 minutes each and that filming will start in the spring or summer of 2023, which means that the second season will probably air in late fall of 2023 or spring of 2024.

The producer confirmed that the new season will feature Francesca Chillemi and Can Yaman, and that new characters will be added to the cast, who on the one hand will challenge the crime reporter and on the other hand will help her to walk the right path. 'There will be no shortage of new sentimental antagonists,' concluded Luca Bernabei.

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