Deniz Baysal shared the secret of a happy marriage!

Deniz Baysal shared the secret of a happy marriage!

Deniz Baysal, who is on the agenda with the series Teşkilat, talked about her 3-year marriage in an interview with Hürriyet.

The actress, who is married to Barış Yurtçu, the lead singer of the band 'Kolpa', defines the secret of a happy marriage as "Not seeing marriage as marriage." and continues; "We put a lot of responsibility on marriage. There are people who get married for the sake of getting married, even those who get married to 'show off their wedding dress', but they are a separate issue. As I said, we should not put too much responsibility on it.

At most, you will get divorced and you will not be the first or the last divorced person in the world. You need to leave that open door. Otherwise, it turns into a sick relationship and I think the parties start to harm each other.

To the question "Is love still going on?" the actress replied, "I define love with everything; hate, fight, romance, companionship, friendship... Sometimes with the ideas you give to the other person about their work... He makes me listen to his songs, I tell him about the script... I look at love as a whole. I don't think of butterflies when I think of love, so yes, it's still going on." 

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  1. She is right..Everybody should look at marriage like Denize Baysal.. She is a great actress..


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