There is a message from Can Yaman to his fans!

There is a message from Can Yaman to his fans!

Can Yaman, who was the face of Dolce Gabbana last time and whose advertising work made a big impact on social media, attract attention with his social media post.

This time, the actor addressed his fans in his post. Sharing a photo on Instagram's story section, Yaman; Back to do what I do and love to do. To clarify real quick: It's not true that I'm sad or I hurt my leg, and this and that, or bla bla bla. Professionally, it has been a particular period of my life that requires the utmost focus, self-discipline, and sacrifice. Accordingly, I tend to live up to it trying to avoid distractions as much as I can. It's something whole another level and it's coming along perfectly. Hopefully, I am going to make proud anyone who has loved me and trusted me.

— Can Yaman

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