Miray Daner spoke about relationships

Miray Daner spoke about relationships

Miray Daner gave an interview to L'officiel magazine. "I want to take my time in everything I do in life, including my work; I want to enjoy every road I pass, every person I meet, every journey I participate in, to continue to enjoy it and to take firm steps forward," she said. 

Speaking about relationships, the actress said; "Relationships progress healthier if you take the necessary care in personal areas. When you try to change the person you are in a relationship with or try to mold them into the mold you want, the balance is disrupted. The attempt to create a new person from the person you started a relationship with because he/she is 'the one' is against the nature of love."

The young name also said; "People who love and feel beautiful in every way do not need a filter. I am honest with myself, sometimes I criticize too much. For example, I used to get angry quickly, but now I have a calm structure. I do not hold grudges, I am not in a hurry and I am very patient. I cannot program time efficiently, so I find myself constantly running somewhere during the day." 

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