Can Yaman and the new Disney Plus series: everything we know

Can Yaman and the new Disney Plus series: everything we know

Can Yaman is currently busy in Budapest, Hungary, on the set of the new TV series El Turco.

The Turkish actor who is an idol for young girls is working on the new Disney Plus series, but what do we really know?

Can Yaman, everything we know about the Disney Plus series.

Can Yaman is focused hard on the set of his new drama, El Turco. After a short break of a few days due to a snowstorm that invaded the Hungarian capital, the actor is back on the set busier than ever.

The Turkish actor plays the role of Balaban Agha for the new Disney Plus series, a TV adaptation of the novel of the same name El Turco, written by historian Orhan Yeniaras.

Yaman has already proven himself to be a worthy actor in Viola come il mare, where he played Inspector Francesco Demir. The Canale 5 drama saw the actor acting entirely in Italian alongside Francesca Chillemi.

Currently, however, the actor has embarked on a new project by the well-known streaming platform Disney Plus, which has also arrived in Turkey. The series, this time, will be shot in English, but the text is based on the novel by Orhan Yeniaras. The story is set during the siege of Vienna by soldiers of the Ottoman Empire sent by King Mehmed IV.

Can Yaman will play General Balaban Agha, an Ottoman fighter who believes in the mission entrusted to him by his ruler. Wounded in battle, the soldier will find refuge in Moena, a small town in northern Italy, which will help him and make him question what he believes in.

It would seem that Balaban settled permanently in Moena, where a statue in his honor still stands today. The soldier led a revolt against the local lords, who were complicit in making the people increasingly poor and oppressed. Can Yaman welcomed a great challenge by stepping into such a complex role.

According to early rumors, director Ay Yapim judges Can Yaman to be perfect for the role of the soldier, both emotionally and physically. Unruly hair, a sculpted physique, and a piercing gaze are just some of the reasons that make the Turkish actor ideal for the role.

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