Can Yaman, backstory on Celebrity Island 2023: Ilary Blasi chose him as envoy.

Can Yaman, backstory on Celebrity Island 2023: Ilary Blasi chose him as envoy.

Can Yaman could land in the cast of Isola dei famosi 2023. It's less and less until the debut of the new edition of the Mediaset reality show hosted by Ilary Blasi and, the latest behind-the-scenes reports reveal that the hostess is planning to bet on the Turkish star as the "new addition" to this highly anticipated edition.

Apparently, in fact, the Island hostess would be making "iron and fire" to have at her side the protagonist of the drama " Viola come il mare," which dominated the ratings in the past Biscione's fall TV season.

Great anticipation for the debut of The Isle of the Famous 2023 on TV.

In detail, the new edition of L'Isola dei Famosi 2023 is scheduled to air from April onward on Canale 5.

Immediately after the finale of Big Brother Vip, the last episode of which is scheduled for Monday, April 3, it will be up to Ilary Blasi to inherit the reins of prime time vacated by Alfonso Signorini.

And, in anticipation of the debut, the Island's hostess and her team of writers are already working on fine-tuning what will be the new features of the next edition, where the arrival of Turkish star, Can Yaman, could be the headliner.

Backstory on Can Yaman on Isola dei Famosi 2023 

Revealing the latest behind-the-scenes information on the Island cast was the weekly "Di Più Tv," which let it be known that Ilary Blasi would be planning to bring Can to Honduras, enlisting him in the cast of the reality show as the new envoy of this edition, replacing Alvin.

"It will be the Turkish actor who will take Alvin's place to be the envoy, some rumors tell," writes the magazine reporting the news.

"The anchorwoman to revolutionize the program has chosen precisely the most beloved Turk," the pages of the weekly still read where the presence of Can Yaman in the cast of the survival reality show aired during the spring season on Canale 5 is given almost for certain.

Will Turkish star Can Yaman land alongside Ilary Blasi?

Should the deal go through, it would definitely be quite a coup for the program and also for the Turkish actor: for the first time, in fact, Can would have the chance to try his hand at a different TV experience than those that have seen him starring so far.

The Turkish star could thus also experiment with the role of host and test himself in this new adventure that would surely make his many fans very happy.

For sure, the one with L'Isola dei famosi would not be the only commitment in the coming months among Can and Mediaset: in the summer, in fact, the filming of the second season of Viola come il mare is scheduled.

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