Can Yaman, Diletta Leotta's raw truth: That's why I didn't marry him.

Can Yaman, Diletta Leotta's raw truth: That's why I didn't marry him.

Months after the end of Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta's relationship, the truth emerges about why they never got married.

Can Yaman is among the most beloved actors of the moment and is currently busy with the filming of the Disney Plus series, El Turco.

Months after the end of his relationship with Dazn host Diletta Leotta, the truth about why they never got married finally emerges.

Can Yaman, reality emerges on relationship with Diletta Leotta

Can Yaman is among the hottest Turkish actors of the moment for both his incredible beauty and professionalism. The actor won fans over in the role of a photographer in Daydreamer , where he made female audiences fall in love with him. 

We will soon see him in the role of the warrior Balaban Agha in the international series to be broadcast on Disney Plus, El Turco, where he will star alongside Greta Ferro.

Until a few months ago Can Yaman was at the center of the gossip pages because of his relationship that seemed unprofessional toward Francesca Chillemi, his co-star in Viola come il mare.

After months of doubt, the two actors finally admitted that they were bound exclusively by a friendship. The past relationship with Diletta Leotta, on the other hand, seems to be permanently archived for the Turkish star.

The Dazn host is now happily engaged to a footballer, goalkeeper Loris Karius. Diletta Leotta's fans are very happy for her, as despite being recently linked with the sportsman, the two are inseparable and she seems to have regained her smile.

There are many people who wonder, however, why her relationship with Turkish actor Can Yaman has ended. Until now, in fact, the reasons for their separation were still unclear.

Social media investigator Alessandro Rosica has revealed some background on the relationship between the two showbiz personalities that have caused much discussion.

Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta had made their relationship public through the use of social media. The Dazn host had even traveled to Turkey to meet the actor's family. She had even received an engagement ring worth 40,000 euros as a gift.

Alessandro Rosica reveals all

According to the expert, however, the couple was linked exclusively for a matter of visibility. The two benefited from their romance and remained among the stars of the gossip pages for quite some time, well after their breakup.

Per Alessandro Rosica, Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta allegedly decided on the end of their contract, and to make matters worse, the actor's father knew about it.

"Can has a lifestyle that would not be tolerated," admitted social investigator Alessandro Rosica. It would seem that Can Yaman has a passion for a lifestyle marked by excess; not surprisingly, he would go around with a bodyguard. 

The Turkish star, despite being a prominent figure, tries to protect his private life and speaks very little about his now-wrecked relationship with Dazn host Diletta Leotta.

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