Can Yaman, Francesca Chillemi teased: 'If he wanted to see me? I would postpone the meeting'

Can Yaman, Francesca Chillemi teased: 'If he wanted to see me? I would postpone the meeting'

Francesca Chillemi returns to talk about Can Yaman during an interview on Rai 1. The actress star of Che Dio ci aiuti 7, found herself facing a "psychological test" during the program Da noi a ruota libera hosted by Francesca Fialdini.

Among the various questions, there was also one about Can Yaman and Francesca's answers that did not go unnoticed, especially after the flirtation rumors that have been chasing each other about the two actors over the previous months.

The flirtation rumors between Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi

Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi have been among the most talked about characters on social media during the fall season.

Starring in the drama Viola come il mare, which aired in primetime on Canale 5, the two have also held court in gossip magazines with news and rumors related to their possible flirtation.

Can and Francesca were caught together coming out of the same apartment, minutes apart.

The two, in order not to be caught by the paparazzi, hooded up nicely so as not to be recognized, but they were equally caught by photographers and such shots ended up in the magazine directed by Alfonso Signorini.

Francesca Chillemi gets teased about Can Yaman: Francesca Chillemi's question

There had been immediate talk of an ongoing flirtation between Can and Francesca, although those directly involved never uttered a word about that paparazzi and always avoided further fueling the gossip.

These days Francesca Chillemi was teased during an interview on a Sunday afternoon program on Rai 1 hosted by Francesca Fialdini.

However, the actress was subjected to a "psychological test," and among the questions included one about her colleague Can Yaman.

'I would postpone the meeting,' Chillemi's response on Can Yaman

"At the end of a day of filming you are exhausted, but Can Yaman, with a message, asks to see you after dinner to talk to you about something important," was the question the former Miss Italy was asked, complete with two answer options.

"I'll go and hear what he has to say" or "I'll postpone the appointment until lunch," were the two answers made available to the actress.

"I would call first and say, is it urgent? If I have to answer since I am exhausted after a day on set, I would postpone it until lunch," replied Francesca Chillemi, thus responding to the question about a hypothetical meeting with the Turkish star off-set.

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