Can Yaman, heavy insults from a friend of Demet Ozdemir: the indiscretion

Can Yaman, heavy insults from a friend of Demet Ozdemir: the indiscretion

Turkish star Can Yaman was heavily insulted by a person related to his former co-star in the drama Daydreamer.

Yaman starred alongside Demet Ozdemir, with whom it was often rumored that they had a much closer relationship than it seemed.

Can Yaman disparaged by Demet Ozdemir's friend: what happened

There has been much talk in recent months about a possible romance between the two actors, Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir. The two starred together in the drama Daydreamer, which aired in Italy on Canale 5.

Can Yaman is often at the center of gossip pages: rumors regarding his love life are constantly circulating about such a popular actor. Demet Ozedemir has not been exempt from this, although those directly involved have never confirmed the rumors of their alleged dating.

Die-hard fans of the two actors, who like to nickname themselves CanDem, have not resigned themselves to the idea that the two stars have taken very different paths. Can Yaman was busy last fall with the drama Viola come il mare, which aired on Canale 5.

Since last October he has flown to Budapest, Hungary, where he is busy on the set of El Turco, an international Disney Plus production. Demet Ozdemir, on the other hand, after her marriage to singer Oguzhan Koc has continued to work in several Turkish dramas.

Last December, a well-known influencer, Melis Buse Betkayan, generated a media fuss by sharing a story on Instagram in which she said she felt like Demet Ozdemir, who allegedly fell in love with Can Yaman but married Oguzhan Koc. Although it fueled gossip among those who speculated about a romance between the two Daydreamer protagonists, no rumor about the actress' supposed falling in love was ever confirmed.

Can Yaman, denigrated on social media: he is a friend of Demet Ozdemir's husband

In recent hours, however, came a new social attack that did not go unnoticed. Under a post by Ozdemir, a fan left a troubling message that allegedly concerned Can Yaman and a friend of her co-star's husband.

Dear Demet, I admire you very much, but you should have more courage in some moments. Yesterday your husband's friend denigrated Can for the charity he did for sick children. You should have told him that before you judge Can you should ask yourself whether he does anything good and charitable for others

Unfortunately, there is still no clear information about who is the mysterious "friend" of Oguzhan Koc who allegedly said these things about Can Yaman.

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