Can Yaman, Rosica's backstory: 'He's super single, he's having fun and he's close to his father'

Can Yaman, Rosica's backstory: 'He's super single, he's having fun and he's close to his father'

What happened to Can Yaman? Why is the Turkish star, beloved by Italian audiences, less and less present on social media?

These are the questions being asked by the countless fans of the leading man of Viola come il mare and, to shed some light, Alessandro Rosica thought of it.

Interviewed exclusively by Blasting News, the gossip expert debunked all the latest rumors about the actor's account, revealing that right now there would be no new woman by his side.

What happened to Can Yaman? The backstory of Alessandro Rosica

In detail, Can Yaman after the great success of the drama "Viola come il mare," which starred him alongside Francesca Chillemi, has "disappeared" from the radar.

The Turkish star is less and less present on social media where, until a few months ago, he managed to have a direct and constant relationship with his more than ten million followers.

To shed some light on what is happening in the Turkish star's life, Alessandro Rosica thought about it: interviewed by Blasting News inside Casa Sanremo, he revealed that right now he would choose to take a break from the social world.

'He's super single, having fun,' Alessandro Rosica's backstory on Can Yaman

"Can is a guy who has gone through this experience in Italy so fast, between engagements and flirtations even invented by others, that he has taken a break from social. He is very little present and is enjoying life," said Alessandro Rosica.

"He is a very private guy, he is super single. Can Yaman is super single, that's the sure thing we know," the gossip expert added further, thus debunking all the latest rumors and indiscretions regarding his possible new love.

"He's having fun, he's always with friends, his evenings are the classic ones: cocktails, cigar," Rosica added again, shedding light on the actor.

'He stays close to his father,' Rosica's revelation about Can Yaman

"He divides his time between family and being close to his father who is going through a moment that is not too good. He's had problems with alcohol," Rosica again revealed exclusively to Blasting News.

In short, it would seem that at the moment the Turkish star feels like unplugging a bit from everything and everyone, but his next TV engagement in Italy is already confirmed.

After the great success of the first season, Mediaset has already confirmed the appointment with Viola come il mare 2: the series starring him with Francesca Chillemi will be back on the air during the next TV season with new episodes in the world premiere, which are already highly anticipated by viewers and fans.

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  1. Can Yaman is desperate to marry and that is a dangerous state to be in. He would marry any girl who stays with him for two months or so. He wants to settle down and have children. His mother asks him to settle down now as "you are getting old". Can is 34 in November this year. It appears that the anticipated engagement between Can and Demet is not on. Not surprisingly so. as I believe she needs space to 'find herself' again. Marriage was in August and now to expect another within one year is quite bizarre. She has rented a house for three months when she is on a filming project. Can is not living there with her. People often misinterpret reports or become confused. One thing is for sure, Can is still single and not even engaged to be married. Personally, I suspect the real reason but leave it for others to figure out too. One thing is that they are very good supportive friends.
    What I do not understand is why there is nothing said about the woman he was crazy in love with in 2022 into February 23 when she broke off the relationship. He quoted to a friend that this woman : I have never loved any woman as I love her". When they broke up, he told he "I will always love you". Theirs was a soul match. A rare blessing indeed. I do not believe both have yet got over what they shared. I believe she was from another country and he shared love notes with her and she was very very special. It would be nice to know more but one grants them a medal for keeping things quiet. The lady has great respect for Can and is supportive of him and done work to assist him with his Charity. They have much in common. More I cannot say. Time will tell who wins Can's heart in the future. He believes the Past is the Past and doesn't like the past brought up- live in the present. Shouldn't we all? Thank you for reading my comment. Perhaps I have thrown the cat among the pigeons.


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