Can Yaman, sensational backstory on farewell with Diletta Leotta: it only comes now

Can Yaman, sensational backstory on farewell with Diletta Leotta: it only comes now

Although Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta's relationship has been over for several months and the face of Dazn has found love again, there continues to be speculation about them.

Apparently, between the Turkish star and the sports anchorwoman things would not be over as they want to let people think.

Can Yaman, background on the end of the story with Diletta Leotta: how are their relations now

Alessandro Rosica, the gossip and social media expert known as Social Investigator, revealed new details about the relationship between Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman during an interview granted to the weekly magazine Mio. The news comes at a time when the Turkish star is very focused on his work commitments, which led him to move to Budapest for the filming of El Turco.

Although there has also long been speculation about the relationship between Can Yaman and his colleague Demet Ozdemir, Alessandro Rosica wanted to reassure fans that there is only a friendship between them. Although the two often exchange reactions on Instagram, theirs is a friendly relationship. The gossip expert wanted to focus on another relationship of the Turkish star, the one with Diletta Leotta.

It would indeed seem that there is bad blood at all between the Turkish star and the Dazn host. Diletta Leotta is reportedly fed up with Can Yaman's attitude and lifestyle, which is not well-liked in Turkey. It would seem that the actor's best friend, as well as his bodyguard, have had to deal with his behavior several times. In a recent interview with Verissimo, the face of sports journalism spoke candidly about the separation from the Turkish actor.

Diletta Leotta described her relationship with the former Can Yaman as "a beautiful story, a dream, a fairy tale, a lightning strike." The sports anchorwoman admitted that she suffered a lot because of the criticism about the alleged fabricated relationship. As Alessandro Rosica also commented, that between Leotta and the Turkish star was a much-discussed relationship, in which several speculated that they were linked only by promotional purposes.

According to Diletta Leotta's statement, however, her relationship with Can Yaman was absolutely real. " We are two people in our thirties who found an understanding, created a deep bond, and pursued an intense passion. We have different backgrounds and we are both very passionate. Everything happened quickly and pleasantly," she explained. From her words, one might assume that the presenter still has an involvement with the Turkish star. But what does this mean for her relationship with soccer player Loris Karius?

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