Demet Özdemir rebelled: "Damn you!"

Demet Özdemir rebelled: "Damn you!"

A remarkable 'earthquake' post came from famous actress Demet Özdemir. Özdemir, who took action for the earthquake victims, stated that they sent set vehicles to the disaster area. Demet Özdemir, who supported search and rescue efforts on the third day of the 7.7 earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş on February 6, received many comments on her post.

Demet Özdemir included the following statements in her post: "Where are our caravans, the materials of our light teams, toilet caravans? I'm sure they are gone, let's get some visuals and spread the word?"


Demet Özdemir shared an earthquake post on her Instagram account in the evening: "If you collapse on the aid we are trying to send, on the aid that everyone contributes even with their lives, no matter what it is for! Damn you if you do!!! We already see what is happening, but if you continue this, I leave you alone with your own conscience."

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