Diren Polatoğulları; 'They are saying 'Esmeğğğğ, bilesiiin' on the street!

Diren Polatoğulları; 'They are saying 'Esmeğğğğ, bilesiiin' on the street!

Diren Polatoğulları, who played Kazım Ağa in the series 'Yalı Çapkını' on Star TV, answered the questions of Yasemin Döngel from Sabah TV on YouTube.

About the character of Kazım Ağa, played by the famous actor; "When we look at it, there are many such people in our society. I see a lot. Someone you have a very nice conversation with on the street, someone who makes you laugh can become a completely different person at home.

I know many such people. That's why everything is so real. Just when I read it, I was worried about age, "Isn't my age too young for this, don't I look too young?" Because Afra and Beril are my daughters... I wondered if I was young, but she got married early, there is no problem."

Speaking about the reactions to the series, Polatoğulları said, "We cannot walk on the street. They are constantly shouting and calling, "Esmeğğğğ, bilesiiin". The street is weird, but my countrymen are great. They make me dress up as a dancer or something, they make me act.

There are weird things. They show me, I'm not a social media person. I am just in-between period, I am from the 80s. When I was a kid, there was nothing. Now it's incredible. I couldn't keep up with it. That's why they show it to me, there are weird things, I laugh a lot," he said.

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