Kerem Bürsin and the new iPhone with Erçel surprise

Kerem Bürsin and the new iPhone with Erçel surprise

We could say 'iPhone is in the air' but the surprise Kerem got when he went to an Apple Store to buy a new iPhone is not to be missed because it has to do with the Erçel sisters. Read on.

Many of you will think that this is a deliberate act, but no, what happened to Kerem Bürsin is just a coincidence or not, but that's for you to judge.

Kerem is off to a busy start this year. In a recent statement, Kerem Bürsin is going to surprise us with several projects this year. This news has been welcomed by Serkan's fans who are eager to see their favorite actor in a new series such as 'Bi Tuhaf Hikaye' for which we already have a trailer.

Kerem Bürsin, his new iPhone, and the coincidence with Gamze Erçel

It all happened when the actor and star of 'Love is in the air' decided to go to the Apple Store located in the Zorlu Center shopping mall to buy a new cell phone. There some fans noticed the presence of the actor and decided to immortalize the moment with this image.

Then, after overcoming the apparition, Kerem's fans were met with another surprise.

None other than Hande Erçel's sister at Zorlu Center, the same luxury shopping mall where Kerem Bürsin was. As one Twitter user says, they seem to have met on purpose.

Be that as it may, this is a coincidence, a coincidence just like the rumor linking Kerem with model Danla Bilic who is also friends with Gamze Erçel. All very crazy and very coincidental. Come on, fate is trying to tell us something but we don't know what it is.

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