Kerem Bürsin reveals his best kept secret and is...

Kerem Bürsin reveals his best kept secret and is...

Today we are going to tell you something that is unusual for a star of Kerem Bürsin's stature. The 'Love is in the air' star has been revealing new aspects of his life and projects for a few weeks now.

From the series that are to come this year, the new girlfriends that are awarded to him or his secret alternative sports with which every day surprises us a little more.

Now it's Kerem Bürsin's best kept secret as it is his workout routine by which Kerem gets that muscular and athletic body with which he makes us fall in love.

Kerem Bürsin's best kept secret

Here it is. This is his workout plan and his list of exercises.

If you can't see it well, here you can enlarge it.

Kerem shows us two days of a training plan of 11 and as you can see, he has almost finished the exercises of day 10.

In the plan of day 10 we can see that among other exercises, Kerem Bürsin starts with stretching, followed by a couple of sets of Push-ups or also known as push-ups or bottoms.

To follow with a series of 30 repetitions of strides with a weight of 12kg.

Then some abdominal crunches with this exercise called Floor Wiper in 12 sets of 30 seconds.

After this, any of us would be dead but Kerem Bürsin dares with 5 reps with the 24kg Kettlebell weights called Dead Clean.

After this Kerem goes for 4 repetitions with a Sled pull or what is the same, pushing the cart full of weights of 100 kilos.

And finally a set of Burpee's or what is the same, the exercise that just kill you completely because it works the whole body starting from the ground.

Let's be honest. We are already tired of just writing about Kerem Bürsin's best-kept secret, which are his exercises. And that what we have described was only the penultimate day of training, ahead there is another day just as intense or more, which will finish sculpting the body of Greek god Kerem Bürsin.

If you thought those muscles came out on their own, we're sorry to tell you that those muscles have been achieved with blood, sweat, and tears, but at least we know what list of exercises you have to pass on to your boyfriend to get a body like Kerem's.

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