Viola come il mare 2 with Can Yaman, Francesca Chillemi breaks silence: 'I hope to do it'

Viola come il mare 2 with Can Yaman, Francesca Chillemi breaks silence: 'I hope to do it'

Will there be Viola Come il mare 2 with Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi? Although the scriptwriters of the TV series have repeatedly confirmed that they are working on fine-tuning the plots and intrigue of the second season, the two leading faces of the drama have never commented on the matter.

Breaking the silence in recent hours has been Francesca Chillemi, currently among the leading faces of the drama Che Dio ci aiuti 7, a ratings champion on Thursday night television on the Rai flagship network.

The Can Yaman - Francesca Chillemi couple got very good ratings with Viola come il mare.

In detail, Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi were the two leading faces of the autumn TV season on Canale 5, thanks to the first season of Viola come il mare.

The series produced by Lux Vide recorded very good ratings in prime time and excellent numbers in streaming as well-a real success that bodes well for the second season.

Although the scriptwriters have repeatedly confirmed that there will be a second series, the two leading faces have never spoken out and opened up more about the future of Viola come il mare 2.

Can Yaman, on social media and in recent interviews, has never uttered a word about the new episodes of the TV series airing on Canale 5 while Francesca Chillemi has chosen to break her silence.

Francesca Chillemi breaks silence on Viola come il mare 2 with Can Yaman

Francesca Chillemi is among the stars of Che Dio ci aiuti 7, the highly successful Thursday night drama on Rai 1, where this year she will take the place of Elena Sofia Ricci, aka Sister Angela.

This is a particularly lucky period for the actress who, interviewed by the weekly magazine "F," also broke her silence about the future of the Canale 5 TV series in which she stars along with Can Yaman.

"Will there be a second season? I really hope so," said Francesca Chillemi, thus confirming that there would be a willingness and pleasure on her part to return again to the set of the series set in Sicily.

Francesca Chillemi's thanks to her social fans.

The actress went on to talk about the success of the first series, admitting that she discovered thanks to her many social fans that she ranked sixth in Google's ranking of the most searched characters.

"I only found out because my fans, who are super nice, do press reviews for me every day, pointing out news about me on social media," said the former Miss Italy.

"Thanks to them, for example, I found out that Viola Come il mare was airing in Greece," added Can Yaman's workmate again.

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