Viola come il mare with Can Yaman, criticism from a fan to Francesca Chillemi: 'Not up to the level'

Viola come il mare with Can Yaman, criticism from a fan to Francesca Chillemi: 'Not up to the level'

Francesca Chillemi was recently criticized for her performance in Viola come il mare, this fall's TV Series starring the actress opposite Can Yaman.

In particular, a reader of the weekly "Nuovo Tv" magazine, in a letter, made criticisms against the former Miss Italy, who was defended by Alessandro Cecchi Paone.

The Can Yaman-Francesca Chillemi couple starring in the Mediaset drama

In detail, Francesca Chillemi starred in Mediaset's autumn TV 2022 drama Viola come il mare, the television series produced by Lux Vide, where she starred alongside Can Yaman.

A product particularly awaited by the audience of the Biscione's flagship network, which followed with interest and passion the events of the young journalist and Inspector Francesco Demir. The ratings have been positive, to the point that the Biscione's top management has chosen to put their trust in this product again, putting in the pipeline the new episodes of the second season. Filming may not start until late spring.

Francesca Chillemi in the crosshairs after Viola come il mare

In the meantime, however, Francesca Chillemi is among the leading faces of Che Dio ci aiuti 7, the Rai 1 TV series that has her in the lead role this year.

About her new commitment to the small screen, a viewer wrote an email to the column edited by Alessandro Cecchi Paone in the weekly Nuovo Tv and did not spare a dig at the actress for her role in the Canale 5 drama alongside Can Yaman.

"I'm curious to see how Francesca Chillemi will fare on stage without the presence of Elena Sofia Ricci, who we will apparently only see for three episodes since she has left the drama," wrote the Che Dio ci aiuti 7 viewers.

'She didn't live up to it,' criticism for Francesca Chillemi on Viola come il mare

"Chillemi has grown humanly and professionally on this set, and maybe it will be a good chance for her to redeem herself.

In Viola come il mare, the other series where she was the absolute star, she was not up to the level," the viewer further added.

Immediate was the reaction of Cecchi Paone who wanted to take the former Miss Italy's defense for her new professional commitments. "[To me], on the other hand, Viola come il mare was really liked. However the reason: the opportunity to stand out in this new season of Rai 1 fiction for Francesca Chillemi is not to be missed," replied the TV expert.

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