Burak Deniz's fight footage emerged

Burak Deniz's fight footage emerged

Nilperi Şahinkaya filed a criminal complaint against her colleague Burak Deniz last September. Şahinkaya filed a criminal complaint to the Adana Chief Public Prosecutor's Office through her lawyer Nail Gönenli against Burak Deniz, who made a scene by going to the table 4 times while sitting with her lover Emre Yusufi and his friend Necmi Deniz at the Sheraton Grand Adana Hotel, where she was invited to the Adana Film Festival.

Şahinkaya had claimed that Burak Deniz be charged with "intentional injury", "insult" and "disturbing the peace and tranquility of people". Burak Deniz also went to the prosecutor's office with his lawyer Serdar Opak and made a statement due to the complaint made against him.

In his statement, Burak Deniz said, "We joked with Nilperi, Emre, and Necmi Deniz in the conversation, we were laughing and chatting normally, I did not insult Nilperi. There was no reason for me to insult Nilperi anyway... Nilperi's boyfriend was also there... Honestly, when I read the complaint petition, I could not believe it when I saw the allegation that he swore and threatened them until this stage...

Necmi Deniz started snapping at me. I think he was uncomfortable with me coming to the table. I said, 'Is there a problem? If you have a problem, we can talk to you. He suddenly stood up and raised his voice and said 'I'll show you my problem'.  The tension increased due to the environment I was in. I said, 'Show me then, what are you waiting for, are you going to hit me?' We came nose to nose.

People in the neighborhood also got involved. They separated us, but neither he nor I hit each other in any way. I think his glasses fell off during this time, but I did not hit Necmi Deniz in any way. Since I was involved in the incident to separate other people at the time of the incident, his glasses may have fallen off during the brawl, but I definitely did not do it."

However, in the footage of the moment of the fight, it is seen that Nilperi Şahinkaya quickly moved away from the table after Burak Deniz arrived, and then a fierce argument broke out between Burak Deniz and Necmi Deniz.

Reached by phone, Nilperi Şahinkaya's lawyer Nail Gönenli said, "There are clearer images in the court file. We have seen that our statements and the camera recordings match exactly. It will be revealed with those images that the statement given by Burak Deniz does not reflect the truth."


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