Can Yaman breaks his silence on Sandokan fiction: project still halted and at risk

Can Yaman breaks his silence on Sandokan fiction: project still halted and at risk

Can Yaman returns to Italy and also breaks his silence on Sandokan fiction, which was announced a few years ago and never made again.

After a period of absence in our country, the protagonist of the drama Viola come il mare has returned to Italy to launch a charity tour that will allow him to raise funds and help teenagers experiencing hardship.

Can Yaman's long-awaited return to Italy: here is what he is doing

In detail, Can Yaman has been back in our country for a few days now and has done so to launch the charity project he has titled "Break the Wall," with which he intends to raise funds that can enable many young kids who are experiencing hardship or a health problem to come out of the closet and take charge of their lives again.

"After the pandemic I see so many kids having problems, taking refuge in social media, preferring the virtual world over reality," the Turkish star said in an interview with La Repubblica newspaper.

The actor starring in Viola come il mare also had a chance to break his silence about a professional project of his that was announced a while back and never made: the remake of the drama Sandokan.

Sandokan, Can Yaman breaks silence on drama

Despite the official announcement, the series never saw the light of day, and according to Can Yaman's words, it is not ruled out that the project may jump.

"It's a major international project, I think it takes time. But I really hope it can be done," said the actor, who could not say a date when filming of Sandokan will begin.

In short, everything is still at a standstill, and at the moment there is no certainty about the realization of this project that was intended for Rai 1 prime time.

While waiting to find out what will be the fate of the Sandokan drama and will the project go through for real or not, the Turkish actor has already confirmed in the cast of the next season of Viola come il mare, the TV series produced by Lux Vide, which starred him this year alongside Francesca Chillemi.

New episodes of Viola come il mare 2 with Can Yaman confirmed.

The new episodes that will compose the second season have already been confirmed: filming is expected to begin during the summer and it is not ruled out that the series could arrive on Canale 5 during the next Mediaset TV season.

The scriptwriters are already at work fine-tuning the plots and intrigues that will animate the second season of Viola come il mare, where the events of Francesco Demir, the character played by Can Yaman, will be the focus of attention.

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