Can Yaman, social focus: 'We solve invisible problems.'

Can Yaman, social focus: 'We solve invisible problems.'

The Turkish star par excellence, Can Yaman, has always shown his strong sensitivity to social issues. For some time now he has been inaugurating his charity, Can Yaman for Children, with which he has carried out some important projects. In recent days, however, a new initiative has started.

Although the actor is very busy with his career, from the drama Daydreamer which brought him success, to the more recent Viola come il mare, which recently landed on Netflix, the Turkish star goes hand in hand with charity. His is a true example of generosity, a value highly esteemed and appreciated especially in his circles.

Can Yaman for the weak: "Let's solve post-pandemic problems."

The actor recently returned to Italy after months of living in Hungary, where he stayed for 7 months to film the drama to be distributed by Disney Plus, El Turco. With the end of filming, he wanted to announce his new project, titled Break the Wall, which was born in January and will allow him to film in our country until June. The star has always been attentive to the needs of the voiceless, the little ones, the defenseless. He also felt the need to lend his support in the aftermath of the earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria, activating a fundraiser.

Can Yaman choose to work with his team to shift attention to another category as well: teenagers. Interviewed by La Repubblica, the Turkish star explained that, because of the pandemic, psychological issues have been neglected for too long, focusing only on physical ones. "People do not pay attention to the problems that are not seen. We live with problematic people, the pandemic has increased the discomfort," the actor said. With the restrictive measures, teenagers no longer went to school, and they had no way to socialize. Coming from a real-life professional with more than 10 million followers on Instagram, surely he can understand the difficulties of isolation.

A different and more inclusive world is possible, and their future is built through encounter and exchange, never isolation. The absence of confrontation and integration, combined with the development of technological dependence, have generated entirely harmful dynamics of alienation and isolation whose first victims have been precisely the young people

The association has received patronage from the Institute of Child Neuropsychiatry in Rome, one of the centers of international excellence. The center was founded by Professor Bollea in the 1970s, but it needs concrete help. Therefore, Can Yaman for Children will donate the funds it raises during the Tour to the facility.

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