Costanzo, the latest prophecy: What Can Yaman has to prove.

Costanzo, the latest prophecy: What Can Yaman has to prove.

Maurizio Costanzo before his death left one last prophecy. An opinion about one of the men of show business who has been appearing more often on TV for some time: Can Yaman.

The journalist and anchorman in the weekly Nuovo expressed a clear part about the actor highlighting his strengths, but also his limitations: "To me apart from muscles and beauty, he does not seem to me to boast any particular artistic gifts. Otherwise, he would be working in TV, right?" And again, "However, it's not enough to go on."

Then Costanzo's judgment becomes more articulate: "He seems to have disappeared from circulation, now he only does commercials. Yet he was hailed as the new prodigy of TV drama." But it doesn't end there: "He certainly got a vital space because he is a handsome man, a dowry that when you are in the acting business is not secondary.

" Finally, the prophecy about the Turkish actor: "He will have to prove he has what it takes to stay on the wave's crest." In short, Costanzo's final lesson is clear: to be successful, you need more than just muscles; you need talent and a head. And Can Yaman has plenty of time to prove it.

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