Kerem Bürsin reassures fans after surgery: 'I feel much better.'

Kerem Bürsin reassures fans after surgery: 'I feel much better.'

A week after undergoing emergency surgery for a herniated disc that had led to a lumbar pain the actor had been suffering from for several years, Kerem Bürsin has reassured his fans on Twitter by responding to the thousands of messages asking about his health and recovery, which he is carrying out at his home in Istanbul, where he moved when he was discharged a day after the surgical operation that was carried out by Dr. Çağatay Öztürk, an eminence in this type of ailments.

Forced to rest after this delicate intervention that will keep him away from the sets for a season, Kerem, who has only been active on Twitter these days, has thanked the messages of affection and has not hesitated to respond to one of his followers when he asked him how he was. In a terse message, the actor has revealed that he is doing well. " Feeling much better thank you," he has written on the social network.

The actor will have to rest for a few months.

After the operation, he has undergone and for the recovery to be satisfactory, the actor will have to make a professional break and stay away from the sets for a few months. He will also have to rest and stop practicing some sports such as CrossFit, a very demanding discipline that he is passionate about but that is contraindicated in patients with this type of ailment, and that could have been one of the triggers that the injury already suffered by the actor worsened and ended up leading to a herniated disc.

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