Kerem Bürsin's sister speaks as never before about her relationship with the actor: We have to get over it.

Kerem Bürsin's sister speaks as never before about her relationship with the actor: We have to get over it.

Being the sister of one of the Turkish actors with the most international profile has turned Melis Bürsin into a celebrity. 

Kerem's older sister already has more than a hundred thousand followers on her Instagram account, where, in addition to sharing with her followers endearing family moments, she does not hesitate to answer all the questions that her brother's fans have, who have found in her the best ally to know the interpreter better and discover some fun family secrets.

Melis, who feels tremendously proud of her brother, has been in charge of giving the latest news about his health after his surgery for a herniated disc. Very surprised that the news has transcended and has been made public and aware of the concern it has raised among his followers of his brother, she has told that the recovery is going well and that Kerem is doing well.

"He is doing well. I don't even know how you guys heard about it. He's doing well. He's surviving," said Melis, who revealed that her mother has moved to Turkey to be with him during the postoperative period and to accompany him during his recovery.

Unfortunately, Melis has reported, her mother has not been able to support Kerem as much as she would have liked because of various health problems she has been having since arriving in Istanbul.

"My mother is worse off than he is. She was hospitalized twice when she went to help him. She had strong allergies mixed with a cold," said the actor's sister, who, given the situation, considered flying to her country to be with them.

Her enormous resemblance to her brother

Although they have always denied it and, like all siblings, there are things that they can't stand about each other and that irritates them tremendously, the truth is that Melis and Kerem are more alike than they think. It has been Melis' husband who has made her aware of this, as she has revealed to her followers in a Q&A in which she has also recognized very funny that this great resemblance is something that both her brother and she must begin to assume.

"When we were together, my husband pointed out that we have the same gestures and told us that we behaved the same way.

I think my brother and I think we are very different but I have a feeling that whatever it is that we don't like about each other or find ridiculous in the other person is actually an inherited trait of the two of us so I guess we have to get over it.

I'm 39 and my brother is 36 and it's like we're acting like children. It's ridiculous," she admitted to her followers, showing off her great sense of humor.

The Bürsin's favorite movie: one of the reasons why she fell in love with her husband

And it was precisely this sense of humor that the entire Bürsin family displays that brought her and her husband, with whom she now lives in Canada with their little Theo, together. Like all of them, Kerem's brother-in-law shares his humorous tastes and there is a curious coincidence that conquered Melis, who has confessed that there is a film for which they all feel authentic devotion.

"My brother, my husband, my father, and I, all of us, have a couple of movies that we're really obsessed with. We grew up with  'History of the world'. We were all obsessed. Kerem and my best friend, Nick, used to watch it over and over again when they were eight years old.

Ridiculous and incredible sense of humor. My husband also knows the whole movie by heart," revealed Melis, who also revealed that another movie they watched non-stop was Peter Sellers' 'The Party'.

Melis makes her brother a hero in a children's book

Close since childhood, the Bürsin siblings have traveled halfway around the world together. Although both were born in Istanbul, their father's work (he is an engineer in a major oil company) has led the family to live in several countries.

United Kingdom, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, United States? Their life has always been a back and forth and that has made Kerem and his sister forge a very special bond. So special that Melis did not hesitate to choose her protagonist for the children's book 'The Banana Tree'. 

Melis is not only a photographer but also a writer. A year ago she published this beautiful story based on the one they lived in Indonesia, a country where they both lived an important part of their childhood and where they fell in love with orangutans when they saw them for the first time visiting Borneo.

"They are really beautiful animals with incredible spirits," Melis said about the story of the siblings' Momo and Carrot. A story in which he has dedicated to her brother, whom he has made a great hero. "For my brother, my first friend," Melis, who will donate half of the profits from its sale to an orangutan reserve.

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