The 7 unknown tattoos of Steph Curry!

The 7 unknown tattoos of Steph Curry!

When some stars of the league cover themselves with tattoos throughout their career, Stephen Curry is rather shy in the field. The Warriors' point guard has only 7 tattoos more or less known, which are listed and explained below!

Perfect prototype of the ideal son-in-law, he makes sure to keep this image with an always neat look. Stephen Curry indeed keeps an impeccable appearance over the years, to which he finally brings only a few alterations. For example, only seven tattoos cover his body, each with a specific location and symbolism. Religious, family: here are the explanations:


Curry has a tattoo on each bicep, which he shares with his wife, Ayesha. The first one, "Woe", is on the right arm, while the one on the left arm is the character "><". References to the Gospel according to John, and the verse "He must increase, and I must decrease."

The Wrists

Also referencing the Bible is the Hebrew text on the inside of Steph's right wrist, specifically a verse from Corinthians, "Love never dies." The initials TCC on his left wrist, on the other hand, are those of the adage "Trust, Commitment and Care," along with his famous number 30.

Yet another wrist tattoo

There is also a Hebrew alphabet on the outside of the Warriors' star's left wrist, which literally translates to... Curry, his last name.

The cutesy ring finger tattoo

To symbolize the love he has for his wife, the Chef has simply engraved her initial on his left ring finger, the finger on which he wears his wedding ring in everyday life.

His lower leg

Finally, after his sweetheart, Steph also wanted his three children to accompany him wherever he goes in his daily life as an NBA player. The animals represented on his right shin symbolize the young Riley, Ryan, and Canon.

Stephen Curry is a man of family and religion, so he has transcribed it well with his different tattoos. It seems not impossible that his collection will grow if ever the Curry tribe had to do it too in the future!

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